The Benjamin Z. Miller Organization

The Benjamin Z. Miller Organization was founded by American businessman, Benjamin Z. Miller.

The fundamental objective of our organization is to forge a world that is both more harmonious and prosperous.

 Born in 1976, Benjamin Z. Miller is an alumnus of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he distinguished himself with a dual major in Economics and Russian Studies. Throughout his career, he has been consistently engaged in the business sector, taking particular pride in his role as a mentor, guiding the younger generation towards accelerated achievement in both their personal and professional endeavors.

We welcome investment proposals at Our preference generally leans towards ventures that have already demonstrated financial returns, as opposed to nascent startup enterprises. This, however, does not preclude our interest in startups. In fact, Benjamin Z. Miller and his team annually fund several startup initiatives, illustrating our commitment to diverse investment opportunities.


Our History

Our History

The Benjamin Z. Miller Organization was founded by American businessman, Benjamin Z. Miller in 1994.

At the time the organization was primarily focused on building a series of loosely held conglomerates. Now, the Benjamin Z. Miller Organization, is still active in business but also does some charitable work.

Starting with family money and his own earnings Benjamin Z. Miller conducted a campaign of real estate and business acquisitions along with each year creating several startup companies, the Benjamin Z. Miller organization today has holdings in the USA and Europe.

After having success in business, he began to devote more time to training the next generation and bringing in talented younger people to help with continuing to grow the organization.


The main focus though at this time is the following categories:

  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Single Tenant Net Lease
  • Green Energy
  • Agriculture

Investments are only considered in the following geographic areas: Australia, the Americas, Scandinavian Countries, and all of Europe.

You can submit any investment by emailing us at However, we typically favor investments that already have earnings versus a pure startup company. That does not mean we don’t invest in startup investments - actually several per year are funded by Benjamin Z. Miller and his associates.

Charitable Work

Benjamin Z. Miller has received several awards for charitable work in the USA and other countries. Most recently he received an official award from the Government of Ukraine for charitable donations.

In the United States he has for years provided financial support to the less fortunate.

Political Activity

Benjamin Z. Miller donates to help political leaders that want to pass legislation that improves healthcare with a particular emphasis on anti aging medicine (curing human aging), green energy, reducing violent crime, improving education in schools and universities, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.

While he personally is not active in politics and has not run for office and has no plans to do so he believes it is important to help the right people with the right ideas to get elected.

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